Adding/Enabling Extensions in PHP using Windows

Mon Jul 19 2021

If you're using PHP or any PHP framework/library for the first time, you've probably noticed when you tried to use composer to create a project that y...

Rewriting an ExpressJS app as a NextJS app (Part 3)

Mon Feb 22 2021

Rewriting an ExpressJS app as a NextJS app (Day 3: Implementing MongoDB and adding CRUD Functions)

Fixing the overwrite error

As stated in my...

Rewriting an ExpressJS app as a NextJS app (Part 2)

Sat Feb 20 2021

Recycling old components

After implementing authentication to my webapp, I decided to reuse the styles I used from the Express version and a navba...

Rewriting an ExpressJS app as a NextJS app (Part 1: authentication)

Fri Feb 19 2021

After creating a web app with ExpressJS (with EJS as the template engine) and MongoDB as the database, I deployed the app to Heroku. Everything worked...

How to parse fetched markdown in NextJS with Syntax Highlighting

Thu Feb 11 2021

Instead of writing individual html pages or embedding an article from an external blog site, you may want to make your own customization to your artic...

Using CodeMirror in NextJS without the Navigator error

Fri Feb 05 2021

If you have tried to implement CodeMirror in a NextJS project, you may have seen an error like this everytime you refresh the page:

![Navigator not d...

Adding a Loading animation to NextJS using React-Redux

Wed Feb 03 2021

After Implementing Server Side Rendering using NextJS on one of my projects, I noticed that my project is now slow when navigating between pages. If u...